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Work Day: The Beginning of PB & Java

Posted on Monday July 29th, 2013

"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" — John Lennon

John didn't know the half of it! We not only got by with a little help from our friends... we soared! This past Saturday, just several hours after the July Grub , a couple dozen people showed up at 616 S. Elm to start the new phase of our live. As you know we have purchased the building here on Elm St. and the first installment of our plans is to open a coffee shop that sells peanut butter & jelly "sammiches" (note the correct pronunciation) and peanut butter themed desserts. 
The previous owners of the building ran a print shop on the first floor and they had several offices and walls that are not in the plans for PB & Java,... so they had to come down! And come down they did as our friends and supporters gathered to help us... actually they did more than help us... they did the work while we watched and tried not to get hurt!! 

I will try to list the people that were here... I know I will forget a few people because not everyone is in the picture because some people had to leave early etc. But we were helped by Scott & Patti Kenny who came all the way from St. Louis to come to Greensboro Grub and then to help in work day! We also had Latoya Jordan and her super hero boyfriend, Pierce who does demolition work for a living! — so he was SO instrumental in all that was done.  Tim & Lynn Robinson from Burlington came to help and the former owner of the building, Hubert Nall also came.  Van Burbach, the guy in the picture with white hard hat helped us as well as Andre Bass (a contractor-builder)and his son Armond and were tremendous workers.  Next we had Josué Mendezm, our former roommate in addition to: Cindy Jenne, Intern Julie, Mike Vuncannon (our sainted plumber friend who has done just about everything for us), Duane Richardson, Mark Teears & sister Cindy Teears, Paul from Grace Community Church, Ryan Baumgartner and daughter Emma, Jaala Siler, Donna Butterfield, Tony Storch, Amanda Mueller and the others I am forgetting (sorry guys)  came to make the group complete. This group of friends and workers completed the job of knocking down the walls, filling the dumpster and sweeping up in about 3.5 hours!! We thought it would take all day and more!! What a life we have! So thankful. 
Our architect, Jerry Liemenstoll, visited and was just as pleased as we were. He loves our vision here and enjoys working with us (as we enjoy working with him). We can't wait for our interior designer to come over & see the "new" place. 
How are we doing all this? By the Grace of God and our wonderful friends. We are approaching the coffee shop like the children of Israel in the wilderness when they ate the manna from heaven. They went and gathered enough for each day but they could not "save up" more for the next day. They had to trust God for the next day. That's what we are doing. As we get enough money for each step we will use it and trust God for money for the next step of seeing our vision come to pass. 
I once heard that our dreams and goals should be such that they would be impossible if God were not in the midst of them. That's where we are. Nothing about vision, our calling, or our goals is possible if God does not step in and pave the way. It is a scary place to be, but it is where He wants us. Dependent and looking to Him. 
So let this be a call to all professionals who might be able to help in the next steps. We have an architect and an interior designer; however, as we progress we will need contractors, carpenters, brick masons, dry wall and interior finishers. If you want to donate some time and sweat to a notable, wonderful cause... we wanna talk to ya!
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