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Martin Luther Comes to Elm St.

Posted on Thursday October 10th, 2013

     Who would want to write a play on a 16th century religious reformer, you may ask. We did--two people who were profoundly affected by the grace and mercy of God in our own lives. Martin Luther spoke clearly and powerfully about the difference between a legalistic religious relationship with God and that of a Father and his dearly loved children. We had been on the same journey and loved the clear and powerful way that Luther explained the difference.


     After researching and writing the play we had the opportunity to visit Luther's home, Wittenberg, Germany for weeks at a time on two different occasions. We walked the same streets, stayed in the seminary where he taught, sat in the pew of the church where he preached, toured the home he and Kate shared. We visited many of the significant places of the Reformation and got a flavor of the land, culture and life in that time. We have had the privilege of performing Martin and Kate for Lutheran scholars, many church group and even school children. It is one of the shows that has been requested over and over again the twenty-five years we have been touring.


    The two person show called Martin & Kate is a look at the highlights of Martin Luther's life through the eyes of his beloved wife, Katherine Von Bora. Their relationship itself was revolutionary for it's time and the play reflects their love and respect for one another. Much of what the reformer himself says in the play are actual Luther quotes. The play shows the events of Martin Luther's life with the buoyancy, even levity, of hindsight; so although the things that happened were historic, weighty and painful Martin and Kate's perspective is joyful and free.


     As Luther began to understand God's grace and love it  changed a fearful, depressed religious man into a fearless, joyful child of God. This lead to this monk's defiance of the religious oppression of his day and to a reformation in the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ. If you know nothing of this influential man you will learn a lot. And if you already appreciate him you will see a portrayal that's true to the spirit of the man. If you don't like him... you may find you've fallen in love by the end of the evening.





Tickets ($15 suggested donation) can be obtained here.



Tickets ($15 suggested donation) can be obtained here.


Tickets ($15 suggested donation) can be obtained here.