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Pilgrim in Just One More Week!!

Posted on Monday June 3rd, 2013

Pilgrim! June 7-9 and June 14-15

We have been working, struggling, laughing, crying, creating, acting, moving, talking, screaming and rehearsing for well over a month and we are more than happy to tell you that it has been worth it!  We had a small audience (like really small - 1 cast member from our Christmas show) for a run-thru on Friday night. He (Deonté) was impressed and he said that it really kept a great pace. 


You really got to come see this show. There are six cast members and each cast member plays at least 3 different characters. The zany personalities abound! This show is fun, inspirational, relevant, cool, witty and amazing. In other words, it has all the attributes of the Director, Charlie Jones!! 


We are introducing some new talent to our little living room stage. By last name, we have Brandon Brockington,  Kamundi Jones & Rome Stevenson.

In case you don't know this book, "Pilgrim's Progress" was one of the first novels loved by the common people before being hailed by the more erudite. Macaulay says it's one of the very few books which have first become very popular among the populace, and only then been admitted as masterpieces by the intellectual elite. This is strange to us in 21st Century America. But in the 1600's a book's worth was first evaluated by the upper crust then it was declared a "hit" or a "flop." Pilgrim's Progress took the opposite route to fame. Indeed, it was the first Christian novel. 

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