Peculiar Updates

Pilgrim: Ready for Prime Time

Posted on Wednesday May 29th, 2013


We continue to rehearse and work on "Pilgrim" by Tom Key. This is one of the most fun, fastest moving shows we have done since moving to Greensboro. You must come see this play. 

JUNE 7-9  &  JUNE 14-15

For more info CLICK HERE.


A Sad Update… but you can make it a bit Happier!

Posted on Friday May 17th, 2013

A Corageous Couple

If you have come to a Grub in the past six months or if you came to "City Sizzle" or if you came to our New Year's Eve party at our house then you probably have been wowed by the sounds of "Sourwood Suite." This duo has a unique sound and energy all their own. The duo is Faye Petree and Jeremy Wood. Jeremy also sings and plays in another duo, Serendipity. This duo is made up of Jeremy and his lovely wife Alison. This is where the sad news comes in: Alison has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. Stunningly horrific. Paralyzingly sad. I spoke with Jeremy on the phone. He said that Alison has "good" days and "bad" days. And there are times when she goes manic and out-of-control. When that happens Jeremy will start singing one of the songs they sing together onstage. She calms down and begins singing with him. That's when I cried. So did he. This couple needs your help. This couple deserves your help. 

This Sunday at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro starting at 2pm & going into the evening.

S.O.S. — Save Our Singer — Fundraisder for Alison & Jeremy Perkins-Wood

This is an event for the entire family and all proceeds will go to Alison and Jeremy to cover costs and expenses of cancer treatment. The music will be amazing. And there will be a Silent Auction. We want the whole community... especially our Grubbers to show up for this event. Let me just list some of the bands that will be at this event. 

Martha Bassett

Sam Frazier

Sourwood Sweet

Double H Bluegrass

Gooseberry Jam



Why I Don’t Want To Tell You That I’m a Christian Part 2

Posted on Wednesday May 15th, 2013

My last post here got lots o' comments. Mostly from others in my position. And that position is (reviewing last post) that as a Christian we have begun to realize that: 1) there are so many meanings and presuppositions that people ascribe to you when you say you are a Christian; 2) there are an equal number of presuppositions or expectations from others who also call themselves Christians; 3) many of us are beginning to see how quite few Christians have "baptized" greed, bigotry, selfishness, political hatred and actually seen it as their Christian duty. 

Stolen Identity

I believe that what we are really talking about here is a case of Stolen Identity. If you do a Google search on stories of people who have had their identities stolen the one common thing that nearly all of them have one thing in common. Nearly all of them can be paraphrased this way, "It wasn't the $5000 they took out my bank account that has really disrupted my life. It has been the years it has taken to get my identity back! Now whenever I apply for a loan or credit card, I have to send affidavits and paper work proving that someone else stole my identity and that it was not my "dirty work" that caused such rift in my credit history." 

I think if Jesus were walking around today (physically) he might say something similar. Maybe something like, "The outrageous use of my money is one thing. A really bad thing but still it is one thing. But another thing all together... a very damaging thing is the stealing of my identity. People I've never known out there in pulpits and on all sorts of media telling everyone that they speak for me!! It's ridiculous! Do you know how many years it will take me to get my identity back after such scandalous thievery? Even Ghandi got it: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ." Yeah, so this is gonna take quite a while." 


Hurts, Scars and Horrors

I cannot tell you the number of people I have had conversations with who have been deeply hurt by "christians." Life-long, horrible hurts. And in the South the stories are all the more numerous. So when you tell your basic urbanite that you are a Christian, in many cases you have just said, "Hey, you know me! I'm like that jerk in your church when you were in High School who told you that were going to Hell for wearing a mini-skirt."or "Just wanted to let you know that I am just like the other adult Christians you've known that condemn you because of your tattoos or lifestyle or dress."


And these are just the surface hurts and wrongs that have been inflicted on others. This does not mention the sexual assaults by pastors, youth pastors and other church leaders. The hypocrisy of parents who are hailed as "Godly Parents of the Word" at church but treat their children like animals or pets at home. The insensitivity to others; the harshness to those who disagree with God's Word; the hatred spewed on those with differing political opinions. 

Well, I could go on and on. And so, probably, could you. This is just my way saying, "I get it. I see it. And I'm sorry about the idiots of Christendom." And now I guess you're beginning to see Why I Don't Want to Tell You I'm a Christian.  Yet... I am.  To find out more, check out Part 3 in a week or so.