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Progress is Being Made on “Pilgrim!”

Posted on Tuesday April 30th, 2013

Pilgrim's Progress as You've Never Seen It! 

June 7-9   &  June 14-15  - All performances 7:30

We have been busy at City 616 getting things ready for our spring production of "Pilgrim." This is an adaptation of the Christian Classic "Pigrim's Progress" by John Bunyan. And even though it is an old story and has the "King's English" you know that won't stop the Peculiar People from putting their unique spin on the matter. We have tennis shoes & Twinkies; Odd characters & Oz characters; Dummies & Demons not to mention a very sassy New Yorker to round out the craziness. 

And for those of you out there who are Pilgrim's Progress groupies... don't worry! The original intent and obvious allegories stay intact for a wonderful inspirational show. You won't want to miss this! It is fun, fast, inspiring, funny, serious, thoughtful, chaotic and full of surprises. In other words, just what you've come to expect from a show at City 616. 


"Pilgrim's Progress" was a best-seller for years after it's publication. John Bunyan was a preacher who refused to be controlled by the State religion of his day. He refused to conduct his services as mandated by the State and refused to use only the Book of Prayer in praying in public. For this cause he was thrown into jail. As the story goes (and as the book & play go) while in jail he had a dream. This dream was an allegory of the Christian life. In this dream (and the play) we meet such characters as Obstinate, Pliable, Talkative and Apollyon. All these strange but descriptive characters Pilgrim meets on his way to the Celestial City. 



Here is more detail from the web:

The Pilgrim’s Progress is John Bunyan’s most enduring legacy. The book, which went through eleven editions in the author’s lifetime, has never subsequently been out of print. Though it now appears as two parts in one volume, the parts were originally published separately; Part I in 1678, and Part II followed in 1684. The earliest edition in which the two appeared together was published in London in 1728. Bunyan began writing the first part in 1668, while in prison, and he consulted with many people on its contents before he took it to press. 

The Pilgrim's Progress is commonly considered one of the greatest Christian allegories ever written, though the choice of the genre was a bit unusual for a Reformed Christian like Bunyan. Most English sectarians were opposed to allegory on the grounds that it was far too Catholic and obscure (Luxon ix). If the choice was odd, however, it did not ultimately detract from the book’s success. Bunyan wrote the allegory in simple language so that the lowest classes in English society would be able to understand it. While literacy had become increasingly common in the lower class, it was rare for a writer to purposely simplify his prose to appeal to them. 

Some historians consider The Pilgrim's Progress the first ever novel, and often compare it to Milton’s Paradise Lost. The Pilgrim's Progress is an exceptionally useful book, for though widely accessible and entertaining, it communicates and critiques an enormous amount of relatively complex theology. The theology of Martin Luther, the architect of the Reformation, is particularly prominent throughout Bunyan's work. 


Make your reservations (buy your tickets) today. We do expect to sell-out with this show. We even have folks coming in from St. Louis and other cities to see this show!! 






SHOW DATES: JUNE 7-9 • & • JUNE 14-15

at 614 S. Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27406