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Can You Handle The Truth?

Posted on Saturday January 5th, 2013

The Life and Courage of Sojourner Truth Brought to Life

One of the most talented actors in the Greensboro area is coming to our little stage at 614 S. Elm St. On Feb. 15 & 16 Sandra Jones will be doing her one-woman show about Sojourner Truth. This show will inspire you. It will amaze you. It will give you courage and it will educate you. Sandra Jones always leaves an impression whenever she acts. Powerful, moving and full of passion Sandra delievers her characters and roles like none other. We first saw Sandra in "Dreams of A King" at the Civil Rights Museum. We left with changed by her presence. We decided then that if there was any way possible to work with her we would certainly do so. She has since become a great friend and colleague.

This show is a MUST SEE!  



Born as an enslaved woman (as Isabella Baumfree) in upstate New York, Sojourner Truth obtained her freedom and moved to New York City. There she began to work with organizations designed to assist women. 
She later became a traveling preacher and quickly developed a reputation as a powerful speaker. A turning point in her life occurred when she visited the Northhampton Association in Massachusetts. The members of this association included many of the leading abolitionists and women's rights activists of her time. 
As a speaker, Sojourner Truth became known for her quick wit and powerful presence. She would never be intimidated. 
Sojourner Truth lived a long and productive life. She spoke before Congress and two presidents. Sojourner Truth is best remembered for a speech she gave at a women's rights conference where she noticed that no one was addressing the rights of Black women. It is famously and most commonly known as the  "Ain't I a woman" speech

About Sandra Jones


Sandra Jones, a native of Winterville, NC began her formal theatrical training at NC A&T State University and is proud of her “Aggie” roots. Sandra graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Acting (Meisner trained) from East Carolina University. While there, Sandra trained in jazz and blues vocals under Carroll Dashiell and Eve Cornelius.  Sandra’s career has included film, television, theater, directing, and many wonderful experiences on stage working with such greats as Dr. Maya Angelou in Langston Hughes’ Tambourines To Glory for GM Productions of Charlotte, NC. Sandra had the pleasure of directing Clifton Davis who was a featured guest actor in Sandra’s company (NC-ACT) production of James Weldon Johnson’s, GOD’S TROMBONES.

Sandra has had a long history of theatre and since relocating to Greensboro almost 5 years ago has worked with local companies in Simply Simone as Nina Simone (UNCG), in Crowns as Mother Shaw (Open Space Theatre), as Fannie Lou Hamer (NC Touring Theatre, Maryland tour) and a most recent and notable performance at the International Civil Rights Museum as Shirl’ Jean in Dreams of a King (Naroshimi Theatre Company). Sandra was recently seen in her Living Portraits series of one woman shows honoring historic African American women as Mother Sojourner Truth in Journey Towards Freedom at Montgomery’s 623 Summit Avenue. The Living portraits series is written and produced by Sandra Jones and includes historical portrayals of Harriett Tubman, Ida B. Wells, and North Carolina women: Nina Simone- activist, musician, Minnie Evans – visual artist and Louis Anderson, storyteller.


A Night with Peculiar People!

Posted on Saturday January 5th, 2013

Peculiar People Coming Your Way — Our Show for January 2013

Most of you know but even still it will be no surprise to find out that Charlie & Ruth Jones are Peculiar People. That's right, Charlie is Peculiar and Ruth is People. For twenty years this dynamic duo traveled the nation and overseas delivering their brand of peculiarity to the world. And now for the first time in Greensboro they will be doing an entire 90-minute show in their home theatre at 614 S. Elm St. We are reprising the show we did in January for those who missed it and also especially for our friends at Destiny Christian Center! 
You don't want to miss wonderful evening of laughter and entertainment. Plus your ticket purchase ($15) will help us to be on our way to fufilling our plans and dreams for the building. 
After working several years with the Lamb's Players Theatre in San Diego, California, Charlie and Ruth Jones founded Peculiar People in 1987 in Birmingham, Alabama where they remained for 7 years before moving to  Franklin, TN (a suburb of Nashville). Soon after celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Peculiar People, Charlie & Ruth moved to Greensboro, NC. They are now “staying put” quite a bit, learning how to live, love and thrive in their community (South Elm St. in Greensboro). They are exploring new ways of using the Arts to “give gifts” to their city with joy with the intention of making their “corner of the world” a better place to live. Their community dinners (Greensboro Grub) and shows have been so very successful in fulfilling this mission. 
They have recently purchased the building where they have been renting for the past 3 years. This building is an old hotel built in 1903. The plans for the building include a coffee shop that sells peanut butter & jelly “sammiches.” A community stage, drama instruction to inner city children and dormitory housing for interns who want to learn how to transform their own communities. 

The Jones have a combined total of over 54 years of experience in theatre and have traveled internationally with Peculiar People. Charlie and Ruth both write and act their own material which encompasses a wide variety of themes and styles from sketch comedy to full-length historical dramas. The main focus of their work is a desire to renew astonishment at the power of God's Grace and recapture a lost wonder and innocence… without being religious!