Peculiar Updates

“Merry Christmas & All That Jazz”

Posted on Thursday November 1st, 2012

City 616/Peculiar People present another holiday show that is sure to be a tradition! "Merry Christmas & All That Jazz" is full of music, singing, dancing, magic and Christmas cheer. The whole family will be charmed and enthralled as this mirthful production winds its way into your heart. 

The year is 1947. The Angels of Jazz are slated to perform in Charleston, SC. As events unfold they are forced to spend Christmas Eve in the alley. Hearts are touched, funny bones are tickled and memories are brought to life as The Angels of Jazz celebrate in high style... in spite of the circumstances. 



Come to 614 S. Elm St. for a holiday treat you won't soon forget. As you climb the stairs to our apartment/theatre, you are taken back to the 1940's and swept into another world. Our cool cats will take your coats and lead you to the soda shop where you will feast upon holiday treats and goodies. Hot cider and hot chocolate will "seal the deal" and have you ready for a Christmas pick-me-up! 

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