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Greensboro Grub hosts CITY SIZZLE!!

Posted on Thursday August 2nd, 2012

CITY SIZZLE: Grub on Steroids - Talent Times Ten!!

On September 15 the city of Greensboro is in for a treat. Peculiar People & Greensboro Grub is hosting the event of the decade. If you have been to Grub then you have a slight idea of what to expect. But this will be the Grub on steroids!! We will have food, drinks, talent, talent, talent, a raffle, a silent auction where you will get some great deals and drama by your very own adorable Peculiar People!

Click here for Tickets! Only $25 each. 

CITY SIZZLE is a fund raiser for Peculiar People, Greensboro Grub and City616... in case you don't know... they are all apart of the same non-profit. If you have been to the Grub in recent months then you know of our plans and dreams for 616 S. Elm St. CITY SIZZLE is your opportunity to come & partner with us. Join in this community effort to bring even more community to Greensboro. 

This is not a Grub... but much, much more!! Since we are planning on a couple hundred people to show up at this event there is no way we can seat that many... even though we have "pulled off miracles" in the past. There will be plenty of food, drinks, munchies and hors d'oeuvres! 

There will also be a Silent Auction where you will get the chance to bid and receive some outrageous deals on wine, tires, art, massages, luxury items, household items, weekend "getaway" trips and much more. There will also be a raffle for a flat-screen TV! And did we mention the hours of talent? Concerts, singing, drama, spoken word and orchestration. You will be amazed.  

Click Here for Tickets only $25!!

So Gimme da full Monty... All the details!

Here's the full scoop! Starting at 6:00pm September 15  you will enter our abode, climb the stairs into Excitement & Crazy Good Times. Crazy Good Times. You will taken back by all the hors d'oeuvres, finger foods, gourmet snacks & various goodies. You will grab a plate then proceed to the Beverage Room where you will have the choice 

of fine wines, beers, soft drinks and other forms of liquid refreshment. Pleasantly happy and glowing warmly you will make your way down out 70' hallway where there will be table after table of fabulous products, goods and services offered to you at incredible prices through our Silent Auction. Wait... what do I hear? In the Gathering Room next to the hallway a band is starting to play! Then a Sandra Jones sings a soulful ballad from the 40's. Brenda Bey sweeps us off our feet with some jazz! Sweetwater takes the stage to rounds of applause as their unique brand of Bluegrass rings through the house. But that's not all Josephus rises to enthrall us with his Spoken Word talent. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better Peculiar People take the stage and have you doubled over in laughter. Charlie then gives his "infamous" presentation of the Dream of 616 S. Elm St. After that more talent! More Silent Auction. More music. More food. More drink. More fun. More. More. More. Get the idea??

But Why? What's This All About? 

So glad you asked. We have a December 2012 deadline of raising the full down payment ($100,000) for purchasing our building here at 616 S. Elm St. If you have been to Greensboro Grub then you know our #1 concern and motivation is COMMUNITY... to see us all living and loving together here in Greensboro. Also, if you have been to the Grub then you know that we have used all that God has given us to accomplish the goals of a loving community. So we are attempting to purchase the entire building here. We will use every inch of the 15,000 sq. ft. to make certain that our city is better and more loving place to live. But we need your help to make this deadline! Therefore we are hosting CITY SIZZLE as a fund raiser towards our purchase of the building. As soon as the down payment is secure we will begin renovations on the downstairs to open "PB & Java" a coffee shop that sells Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches plus Peanut Butter themed desserts. Behind PB & Java we will open a 150-seat theatre that will act as a community stage for the community. Yes, that's right... very cool. Our stage, Spittin' Image Performance Spot, will offer a venue to local artists, actors and musicians. It will be grand!

So is it not worth a few dollars to come to a night of fun and entertainment to help us make our goal?? You betcha. Buy your ticket now!!! 

Charlie & Ruth Jones
614 S.  Elm St
Greensboro,  NC 27406