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A Most Special Grub: Down Home Southern Food &  Josephus’ new show “Generations”

Posted on Friday April 6th, 2012


April 27 will be a most special day for us and for Greensboro. We will have a Dinner Theatre of sorts. Most of you in Greensboro know about and have seen Josephus Thompson III. He is the only man I know who makes his living by doing poetry... and he does it well. Very well. When we first moved to Greensboro several people told us about Josephus and we couldn't wait to meet him. When we finally met, it was like a "match made in Heaven." We have been close friends and collaborators ever since. Josephus has been to almost every Grub and he performs each time. Audiences are amazed at his performance skills and the depth of his poetry. We are so proud to count him as our friend.

About a month ago we went to the auditorium at Guilford College, where we were privileged to enjoy the latest show written and produced by Josephus: "Generations". We were blown away. The wonder of the spoken word mixed with Josephus' subtle yet beautiful musical accompaniment was astounding. Plus he brought to the stage two wonderful young talents, who he has taught & mentored: Trey Gass & Michah Graves. These guys will blow you away. A moving performance by all.  If you are ready for beautiful art and an emotional journey you gotta come to this show. 

We are very excited to host Josephus in our home for a "paid Grub." Normally, we rely on donations for each Grub (suggested donation $10-$15). But there are times when we ask a fixed amount so we can pay the artist and as well as pay for the food. The paid Grub on January 26 will require each guest to donate a $20 flat fee.

 If you have been to Greensboro Grub then you know that the food alone is worth $20... and that is the honest truth! So you will not only get value for your dollar on the food but will have the added pleasure of a one-hour, excellent, theatre production, complete with band & singers. You will not want to miss this Grub. 

Learn more about the Grub HERE.

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