Peculiar Updates

Getting Moody

Posted on Friday June 3rd, 2011

The Magic Continues at 614 S. Elm St. - Greensboro, NC

Every month here seems like a dream come true. The things we are able to do. The people we work with. The art we create. The art we help others to create. We continue the grand experiment: What would it be like if God moved into the neighborhood? For some, it would look very serious and dour... austere and oppressive. For us it looks like laughter, song, dance, tears, joy, compassion, fun, hilarity and good food!

Moody & the Beast: A Marriage Musical

Last year we were approached by some businessmen. After much experience in the Theatre Production industry, they have established their own production company. They have chosen us as their primary script writers. There are many more details that I can tell you about later when all is firmed-up and when our first show is touring. Suffice it to say... this could be a really big deal for Peculiar People.

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