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Downtown Digs: Peculiar People - 99 Blocks

Published December 11 2008

Downtown Digs: Peculiar People - 99 Blocks

We were so excited to have been chosen by a local downtown magazine, 99 Blocks for a section they call “Downtown Digs.”  They came to our wonderful downtown apartment and interviewed us.  You can see the results in the article.  The reason this was especially exciting to us was that the 99 Blocks serves downtown Greensboro exclusively.  This helps us greatly in getting to know our neighbors and friends in the city we are growing to love more each day.  Greensboro Rocks!

Climb the stairs, walk past the signs that read “Drunks Keep Out,” and “Please Be Quiet,” and you may suspect that this is an abode that has a history.

Indeed it does. Charlie and Ruth Jones’ 4,000-square-foot apartment at 614 S. Elm Street, above Deal Printing, started out in the 1890s as the Craven Hotel. The signs, Ruth speculates, were put up in the 1920s.