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Deck the Halls Victorian Style - News & Record

Published December 28 2008

Deck the Halls Victorian Style - News & Record

Only God could arrange such a fine article for our first major performance in Greensboro!  Our major local newspaper (the News & Record) send a reporter to our opening night of Victorian Christmas.  We were told to expect it.. but had no idea what to expect!  Wow! We got the front page banner, the front page of the Arts section, a 2-page spread, and another page of text.  Thank you Tina!

Welcome to the house of Christmas Tide, the home of G.K. and Frances Chesterton.  G.K., an early 20th-century British writer and philosopher, loved Christmas.  His enthusiasm for it was well-known.  For months, he would plan elaborate Christmas celebrations that included puppet shows, poetry, recitations and games.

So on this evening, the Chesterton home is filled with guest, eager to share some Christmas cheer.

Well, actually, the home belongs to Charlie and Ruth Jones.  And they live in an apartment in downtown Greensboro, not England.