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Posted Jun 3rd, 2011

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More Grub Updates

Greensboro Grub

Greensboro Grub!!! More fun than a person oughta have! Food, friends, talents, laughter and COMMUNITY!! So what is it?? Greensboro Grub is a monthly dinner we have in our apartment. We invite 40-60 to our 5000 sq. ft. apartment (which was once the Craven Hotel in the early 1900's). We put four 10 ft. tables down the 71' hallway and have a banquet. After a sumptuous dinner we move into the Gathering Room where we share gifts of words and talents.

Greensboro Grub (formerly called Supper Club) started in Tennessee to give us a sense of community and stability because we spent so much time traveling with our touring theatre company. (We have traveled 1.2 million road miles in 20 years and estimate at least 6½ - 7 years in motel rooms. God help us!!) I cook for a hobby, so we decided that on those weeks we were home, we would invite neighbors, friends and acquaintances over for some wine, food and camaraderie.

Since moving to Greensboro we have used this format to meet others, to help others meet new friends and to bring a sense of community to the downtown area. Each one of these events have more magical than the one before. We have been astounded by the wonder of it all.

If you want to get on the invitation list, fill-in the form to the right & be certain to tell us how you heard about the Greensboro Grub!!