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Hey, you found us! Welcome to the Land of Peculiar People!

Click around & enjoy the wonders of PeculiarWorld.
Just in case you don't know (slim chance of that since we are so famous) Peculiar People is a touring theater company based in Greensboro, NC. Our company was founded in 1987 by Charlie & Ruth Jones, who are still the primary actors, directors and janitors. Peculiar People has traveled the world performing original scripts and plays to hundreds of non-traditional venues and audiences.

Now that you're here be sure check out Charlie's blog under "News: Peculiar Updates" and click on the little orange square that gives you an RSS feed of future updates. And of course, check out the store!

New Play at the Jones home: Pilgrim! an adaptation of Pilgrim's Progress. Click here for details!

Glad to have you onboard!!